Welcome to ELT.

The first NFT of it's kind.

ELT holders have exclusive access to travel packages, deals, and more!

These services are provided by Red Letter Travel, a leading agency and Virtuoso member.

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Low Supply

We will only be releasing 200 tokens in our first collection. This will be a very exclusive collection, so be sure not to miss our launch. 

First collection of keys minting on SOLANA in Q1 2022.

Real World Utility

Token holders will have exclusive access to:

  • Travel packages, perks, & deals.

  • Complimentary VIP travel planning services from a Virtuoso travel agency.

  • Future members only trips.

Access to the community

Token holders will have access to the ELT community.

Join our discord and interact with fellow ELT holders daily. 

Be the first to receive ELT news and priority access to future project launches.

Long lasting value

Take advantage of the tokens utilities, which you will have access to as long as you are a token holder. 

Meet The Team

Wallis Fairvalley

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Forward-thinking and proficient in generating high-quality work by leveraging a tenacious approach and strong attention to detail. Wallis is the lead travel advisor and mind behind ELT. 

With 7 years in the travel industry and years focusing on entrepreneurial ventures, her innovative approach is bringing travel to the world of NFTs. 

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