Italian Phrase: La Dolce Vita
Meaning : The Sweet Life-from The Italian Lakes to the Amalfi Coast -the sweet life abounds throughout Italy


Give this spotify playlist a listen and learn some of our team’s favorite Italian songs. You will be singing like a true Italian in no time!

Food & Drink

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For some more amazing recipes, check out THESE and be cooking like an Italian chef in no time!


Let these films whisk you away to Italy...


  • Under the Tuscan Sun – I am sure that this true story of Frances Mays’ quest to find herself after a devastating divorce has inspired many people to discover Tuscany and Positano (and possibly cash in their own life savings in search of love and happiness).

  • Letters from Juliet – A 40 year old love affair is rekindled after a scenic road trip from Verona through Tuscany, which is especially poignant when you know that in real life the actors actually met that long ago and were eventually married after a reunion many years later!

  • A Room with a View – This Merchant and Ivory masterpiece brings back the romantic era of travel with Florence as its scenic backdrop.  No wonder Italy is consistently the #1 most requested destination in the world (and being a specialist in that area, I am very grateful!).

  • A Little Romance – As a young teenage girl, I was captivated by this story of two young kids who run away from Paris to Venice on a quest to kiss at sunset under the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs).  Diane Lane was lucky to grow up and have another chance to star in a romantic film set in Italy (see Under the Tuscan Sun above).

  • Some other great films :
      Stealing Beauty

        The Talented Mr. Ripley

        The English Patient

        La Dolce Vita

        Three Coins in a Fountain

Reading List


La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World by Dianne Hales

Mediterranean Summer: by David Shalleck  (Author)

Eat Pray Love: Elizabeth Gilbert

A Room with a View: E.M. Forster

Angels & Demons:  Dan Brown
My Brilliant Friend:  Elena Ferrante

Beautiful Ruins:  Jess Walter

Virtual Experiences 


Take a virtual tour of the The Vatican!

Masterclass at Home: Creative Director of Jewelry, Lucia Silvestri takes this opportunity to share her passion for precious gems, and invites you to discover why Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds hold such special qualities.

Take in Italy from new heights!