Venturing to the ends of the Earth requires experience, and that’s exactly what Lindblad Expeditions has. For more than 50 years, Lindblad has transformed ordinary vacations into once-in-a-lifetime adventures. From Antarctica to the Galapagos to Papua New Guinea, travelers not only explore remote, unspoiled destinations but also experience these places alongside expert guides. And as a partner of National Geographic, Lindblad Expeditions allows travelers to learn from their writers, photographers, and filmmakers in addition to the Lindblad expedition leaders, naturalists, and guides.


Red Letter Travel has a close relationship with Lindblad Expeditions so we ensure our clients have the very best and most personalized adventure.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A personal advisor to explore your ideas and expectations for your cruise with you.

  • Advice, insight, and expert knowledge of the various ships, destinations, and itinerary options available to you.

  • Collaboration – your advisor will plan WITH you, so your desires and ideas are not lost within the booking process.

  • Competitive Price and Value – Red Letter Travel's affiliation with Brownell, Virtuoso, and Lindblad Expeditions affords our clients preferred rates and lots of valuable extras such as shipboard credits and special savings.

Led by a combination of our Expedition and Marine Operations team, in conjunction with our staff medical Consultant Dr. Lorber, and third-party medical consultants, Lindblad Expeditions is constantly reviewing and updating our health & safety protocols and procedures to ensure guest safety and compliance with all relevant regulations.  Detailed guidelines and protocols specific to each geography will be shared with all guests well prior to embarkation.

Additionally, Lindblad Expeditions has partnered with ACT solution and implemented Premium Purity™ which consists of ACT CleanCoat™ and the ACT ECA System™ combined with ACT weekly monitoring with ATP swabs to ensure all surfaces and common touch points are sanitized. ACT CleanCoat™ is a surface treatment which is designed to decompose harmful microbes such as bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores, and chemical compounds. According to ACT, this transparent, and odorless coating when exposed to light, creates a photocatalytic reaction, which decomposes microbes and helps purify the air. They also state that ACT CleanCoat™ has been tested against several viruses and resulted in a ≥99.99% reduction within 5 minutes against strong virus families. All shared expedition equipment, including but not limited to kayaks, standup paddleboards, and zodiacs, will be coated with ACT CleanCoat™ prior to the expedition season restart.