2020 has already left an indelible mark on so many facets of our lives, and travel is no exception. Though our desire to experience the world has remained steadfast, the way we travel is different from pre-COVID – but not necessarily in a bad way. Travelers have had time to get back to the core of why we love to travel and what makes it so life-changing. We share several ways travel has changed below.

Health & Safety

From airlines to hotels, travel suppliers have taken health and safety precautions to new levels to protect both the travelers and their teams. Hotel housekeeping has gone above and beyond – think extremely thorough room cleanings between guests with state of the art sanitation machines, contactless check-in, strict mask rules, and social distancing.


Private is the buzzword in luxury travel right now. Private jets, private villas, private yachts, private guides – you name it. Travelers are avoiding the crowds with exclusive experiences that not only give peace of mind but also allow you to immerse yourself even more in a destination.

Get Outside

Nature is calling, and travelers are responding. Destinations like National Parks, mountains, beaches – anywhere where the focus is on being outside – are more popular than ever. These spots naturally let us practice social distancing, plus being in nature is just good for your soul.

Slowing Down

From our time spent at home, we’ve all learned to appreciate a slower pace on life, and it translates into travel. Instead of rushing from one destination to the next on a big highlight tour, travelers are spending more time in fewer locations.

Experience Local

We all have those destinations within driving distance of home that we put off in favor of a grand trip to Europe or a bucket list adventure. But now, many travelers are looking to destinations closer to home for their upcoming travels. The US has so many incredible hotels, destinations, and experiences, so why not take advantage of them now?

Longer Trips

For the travelers who are ready to get back on the road, it’s all about lingering longer rather than several quick trips. Many travelers have realized that they can work – or even have virtual school for little ones – around the world, and they are turning lemons into lemonade with two-week getaways or even yearlong escapes.


We all need a little TLC, and 2020 has made us even more aware of taking care of our mind, body, and spirit. So whether a trip is completely focused on wellness or just incorporates a little time to treat yourself, self-care is critical, and travelers are making it a priority.

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