Enlightening & Empowering Women Through Solo Travel

Traveling alone can be a scary thing. However, with over ten million American women traveling solo internationally every year, and with even more traveling domestically, it’s obvious that the risks are well worth the rewards. Discovering new places independently provides endless benefits. It gives us the opportunity to explore, learn, and connect with cultures as well as with one another. It allows us to connect with nature, to see things we have only dreamt of seeing, and most importantly, it reminds us of who we are. Traveling enlightens us as human beings, but as women, it truly empowers us. The aspects of traveling that are often so intimidating for women, especially in regard to doing it alone, exist and are unfortunately influenced by the mere fact that we are women. In society, no matter where we choose to go, we are more vulnerable to face danger than men tend to be. Despite the world not always being so kind, we have the right to see it and to explore it. We as women are incredibly resilient. That is why we encourage you to travel smart and travel safe, but we also remind you not to let fear get in the way of embracing every precious moment. Red Letter is run by four incredible humans who are not only experts on travel, they are women themselves.

Below is some Input on solo travel from one of our advisors:

If you have ever considered taking a solo trip, let me tell you...DO IT NOW!

I would consider myself a pro solo traveler at this point and I have not once regretted a trip with just me, myself, and I. Yes, it can be intimidating and uncomfortable at times but it is 100% worth it. Here are my tips and tricks to mastering the art of Solo Travel.

  • Be smart when picking a destination. There are countries that are much easier to travel solo, so do your research (or call us!). A majority of European countries are relatively easy to travel, people are nice, and you will not be the only solo traveler walking the sights. Pick somewhere with plenty to do that is easy to navigate. I just returned from 2 months of solo living in Lisbon, Portugal. I would recommend this destination to anyone looking to solo travel. The people are all so welcoming and it didn't hurt that everyone speaks English.

  • Plan a small group tour (food based ones are ideal) for your first afternoon/evening. This is a great way to meet other travelers. There's something about gathering around food that makes people more social, perhaps its the flowing drinks.-If dining solo, pick a seat at the bar. Don't be afraid to start conversation with the other diners or the bartender. If nothing else, you can learn the inside scoop on the city. Bartenders are always in the know.

  • Do not over plan your trip! You never know what experiences will present themselves and you want to be able to say yes to invites & adventures.

  • This is your time to discover things that interest YOU! You don't have to worry about your friend not wanting to do that, or your family having made other plans... You want to skydive? Go for it! You want to try some exotic foods? Go for it! Have you been wanting to take a painting class? Go for it!

  • Take the trip you have been dreaming of! You will surprise yourself with your capabilities and make some amazing memories.

Below is some input from one of our favorite clients, Patty!

This spring I learned that the rewards of being a single woman brave enough to travel solo far outweigh the risks… and I’ll be 60 soon!

I spent 6 weeks on Sicily & the Amalfi coast & sailing around islands off the coast of Naples.

I was not alone the entire time, but for half of my travels it was just me.

And when I wasn’t alone, I had signed up as a single to join a culinary travel group where I knew no one.

It was all a huge leap of faith and I loved it all!

Being able to set your own agenda every day was liberating. And when you travel alone you are more open to meeting others and they are more likely to approach you.

These interactions created fun relationships for just that moment in time and I made some new friendships that I know will endure.

It was not always easy being alone, (dining solo was difficult some times) but I did it! I created ways to not always be alone… signing up

for fun cooking classes; eating at bustling cafes or wine bars; hiking trails frequented by others; taking boat tours with small groups… all these outings were scary to go to alone, but once there, I always had a great time & made awesome & unexpected memories!

We are all basically looking for connection in our life.

We all want to find joy in the present moment.

Being a woman traveling alone gave me gifts of connection & joy I never expected and will treasure forever.

Now, I’m hooked, where to next? Let my solo travels continue!

Ciao, Patty

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