Get To Know Debbie

Debbie Fairvalley is our most valued senior advisor here at Red Letter Travel! Debbie has been working in the travel industry for more than 20 years and her knowledge reflects that. Her enthusiasm, passion, and contacts allows Debbie to enrich the experiences of her clients. She has traveled extensively through The Americas and Europe and visits frequently to stay up to date on the evolving destinations.

Where was your most recent trip?

Italy (Tuscany & Ligure)

Where are you going next?

Napa Valley..then Hawaii

Do you have a favorite destination?

Provence in the springtime when everything is blooming and the countryside wakes up from winter

Checked bag or carry on?

Carry On-- Absolutely!

Go-to travel book?

'VIRTUOSO Best of the Best' -- for research

'Mediterranean Summer' by David Shelleck

Whats in your travel bag?

Chlorophyll drops -- to counteract jet lag

Noise cancelling headphones

A good shawl/scarf

Comfortable walking shoes to change into

Holy grail travel accessory?

Sea Bands & Ginger candy -- to prevent motion sickness on the water or in long car rides.. Some of the most beautiful destination can be difficult to get to and there is nothing worse than not enjoying the sights along the way!

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