Meet Wallis

Wallis has spent the past years traveling and building her knowledge of the travel industry. Along with a passion for experiential travel, she brings a modern approach to the job. Wallis has traveled to many destinations around the world and is eager to share her knowledge with you!

Where was your most recent trip?

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Where are you going next?

Exploring the country of Panama

Do you have a favorite destination?

I absolutely love Europe...I also fell in love with Morocco this past year!

Checked bag or carry on?

Carry on it is! I am always sure to pack a foldable duffle bag to bring back all the amazing goodies I pick up during my travels...and if you are a wine lover, like myself, I suggest buying the inflatable wine sleeves if you plan on packing a few bottles.

Go-to travel book?

Travel magazines are my go-to...Travel+Leisure Magazine and Condé Nast Traveler are my favorites.

Whats in your travel bag?

Sunglasses, make-up wipes, blister band-aids, my camera/Go-Pro, and a charging stick.

Holy grail travel accessory?

My phone! There are some incredible apps out there, aimed at aiding you on all types of adventures. A few of my must haves include: WhatsApp, xe currency converter, google translate, and culture trip! I am also ALWAYS on Instagram posting about the destination I am in.

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