National Travel Advisor Appreciation Day!

Celebrate National Travel Advisor Day on May 6 with a heartfelt “thank you” for all the work that travel advisors do to care for the traveling public. We are calling on you and industry allies alike to use National Travel Advisor Day to educate the traveling public, policymakers and the media on the value advisors provide in the complex travel ecosystem well after COVID-19 (coronavirus) has loosened its grip.

Why using a Travel Advisor is a MUST:

1.  We share a mutual passion for travel -but also for the pride & joy we take in creating special & extraordinary experiences for our clients!

2.  We enjoy incredible partnerships & enduring friendships with our hotel, cruise, tour, and transportation companies throughout the world.

3.  We are inspired (and inspire) by showcasing this amazing world to one another.

4.  We work tirelessly to “get it right” for our clients.

5.  We thrive on finding unique experiences you never knew existed.

6.  We work diligently “behind the scenes” to make sure you don’t have to and can just ENJOY your time travelling with family.

7.  We “sweat the small stuff” so your trip is as seamless as possible down to the last detail.

8.  We are always learning about new destinations, products, and tours that can enrich & educate you on varied & diverse cultures around the world.

9.  We LISTEN— paying attention to your budget, your timeline, and your dreams.

10. And now (more than ever) we are YOUR ADVOCATE... there are numerous stories of how we got you home, got you refunded, got you rebooked, “got your back” when Coronavirus impacted our world these last few months. I share with you a testimonial from one of our many clients who understands our value.

“If you’re concerned about your financial portfolio, your 401k, your savings, you’re likely on the phone with your broker and your financial advisor, right? The same is true for savvy travelers. You need to be talking to a travel advisor. No matter what happens, you have a professional in your corner helping you plan and rearrange your schedule as necessary.

The future of travel post-pandemic will have a strong emphasis on the role of the travel advisor.”


We appreciate your virtual hugs right now as our profession is challenged and look forward to doing what we love for you soon.

Continue the #supportsmallbusiness trend when it comes to your travel and take advantage of what a Travel Advisor can do for you.

Are you ready to start planning your next adventure? Our team at Red Letter Travel is ready to make your dreams a reality!

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