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Not Your Momma's Travel Agency

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

As a millennial Travel Advisor, I see a similar response when my job title is mentioned to other's often something like: "Wait, travel agents are still a thing?"

Not only are we "still a thing", but a good travel advisor is more important than ever!

In the age of DIY (do it yourself) and endless internet information the use of travel advisors is imperative!

I want to stress one thing before we get into it...Not all agencies/agents are created equal!

An expert travel advisor elevates every trip. We help you get the best value for your time and money. We have important global connections which allows you VIP access/treatment at hotels, cruise lines, and more. After all you cannot VIP yourself!

There are many details in travel and things do not always run smoothly. We are there to assist when immediate action is needed to change/correct/or solve a problem.We take the time to learn about YOU and what is important to you in your travel experience. We are well traveled and always out there discovering more. This brings you educated inspiration!!

In contrast, many online travel companies are only large call centers offering phone agents with little to no actual travel experience. They sell what is important to THEM not YOU! Their goal is speed and volume – that means taking your order and moving on to the next customer as quickly as possible.