Spending more time at home during this year has left us plenty of time to refine our bucket lists. From wildlife-filled adventures to deep-dives into ancient history, our incredible world has so much to experience and explore. So as destinations slowly start to reopen, take time to dream about where you’ll go next, and even start planning your next big trip – your future, traveling self will be so glad you did!

African Safari

There’s nothing like seeing beautiful animals like lions, elephants, and giraffes in their natural habitat. But be warned: once you visit Africa, you’ll be itching to return again and again.


Often the last continent travelers get to cross off their list, Antarctica is one of those destinations that only a few travelers get to experience.

European Adventure

Whether you want to a food and wine voyage through Italy, a journey around the UK, a river cruise down the Rhine, or something in between, Europe has something for everyone.


During a trip to Japan, the modern technology juxtaposes ancient traditions in the most harmonious way. There is so much to discover about this country so allow plenty of time to explore.


From the glaciers to the gauchos, peaks to the pisco, Patagonia combines adventure, culture, and incredible cuisine – all with a stunning backdrop.


A trip to the Galapagos is as educational as it is fun. This bucket list trip is great for all types of travelers, but really makes for a fun, family adventure!

Australia & New Zealand

These two destinations can absolutely be their own trip, but for a bucket list adventure, why not take a month and explore both? The scenery, the adventure, the culture – there is so much to explore down under!


History books come to life as you stand in front of the pyramids of Egypt. During a trip here, you can learn about the ancient history but also discover the rich culture that stands strong today.


Known as “The Last Frontier”, Alaska has bountiful wildlife, jaw-dropping scenery, interesting culture, and plenty of adventure waiting for you.

Southeast Asia

Explore Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia during a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Southeast Asia. Each country offers unique experiences but their proximity to each other makes it easy to explore multiple spots.

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