What to gift a world traveler

With the holidays approaching you may be wondering what to get friends/family, or maybe you are wondering what to put on your wishlist...

To help you, we have selected some of our favorite travel items from the past year.

1. ROAM Luggage

Say farewell to boring luggage and make a statement on your next trip! ROAM luggage has made it easy to customize your suitcase with a wide range of vibrant and playful colors. These suitcases will have heads turning as you make your way to your destination. Aside from the fun aesthetics, ROAM luggage is built to last and made in the USA.

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Every traveler needs a good pair of headphones, and our top pick goes to Sony's WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones. These headphones do so much more than just cancel the baby cries coming from the row behind you...A touch sensor control also allows the user to pause/play/skip tracks, control the volume, activate the voice assistant, and even answer phone calls effortlessly. Never miss a beat with these headphones!

3. Sony Mirrorless Camera

Who doesn't love to take amazing pictures while traveling to amazing destinations? For those looking for high-quality photos and a camera that doesn't require multiple extra bags, we recommend the Sony a6300/6400/6600(depending on skill level/budget). You can find these cameras bundled with different lenses and accessories on sites like B&HPhoto or Amazon.

4. The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Satisfy your cocktail cravings anywhere, anytime with the Carry On Cocktail Kit. Each TSA-compliant kit contains all the essentials you need to craft two top-shelf drinks. Choose from iconic drinks like the Old Fashion, the Moscow Mule, the Gin & Tonic, the Margarita, and they even have a kit to upgrade your champagne! Your gift recipient will thank you.

After all, life’s too short for bad drinks.

5. Portable Steamer

Looking neat on the road can be tough, but the BIZOND mini-portable steamer will have you looking your best daily. This little fellow uses dry steam technology, heats up in just 25 seconds, and it’s gloriously portable. Perfect for business trips, weddings abroad, and pretty much anything in between!

6. Travel Wraps

This one is for the ladies...Mer-Sea & Co's travel wraps are made for the true wandering spirit. These travel wraps come with a matching travel bag, allowing your wrap to double as an airline pillow! Take it wherever yo go. It really is the best travel accessory!

7. Travel

Looking to really WOW your loved ones this holiday? Nothing can substitute experience...Give the gift of travel! Contact your Red Letter Travel Advisor to get your 2020 trip underway.

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