Where Travelers are Going Now

It’s been over a year since the world shut down, and travel is picking up as more and more destinations reopen. Our advisors are busy helping clients navigate each destination’s protocols so they can get back to experiencing our world. If you’re ready to travel but don’t know where to go, see a few of the top destinations where travelers are going now below.


Jackson Hole, WY

You get to experience tropical paradise without leaving the United States.

Turks & Caicos

The majority of the island is already vaccinated, so travelers feel safer going here + it is easy to get to from many major airports.

Jackson Hole

Just like last summer, many travelers are eager to explore the great outdoors in the USA. Consider going in the shoulder season – September/October – to avoid the crowds.


Many Caribbean islands are open to US travelers, and your advisor can help you navigate the entry protocols.


Mexico has top-notch resorts and destinations that appeal to a variety of interests.

National Parks

Just like Jackson Hole, the National Parks are booming again this year. If you can’t find space at some of the most popular parks, consider going to one that is more under-the-radar.


The Northern Lights in Iceland

A quick flight from the East Coast, Bermuda is easy to reach and has a fabulous combination of Caribbean and British style.


Discovering rich history and culture is only an international flight and a negative COVID-19 test away!


Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Iceland has it all – and travelers are ready to get out and explore.


Alaska has wide open spaces, abundant wildlife, and fascinating cultures to delve into during your



After a year of limited travel, people are ready for a bucket-list experience like Africa. From a safari to Morocco, there are many options depending on your interest.


Greece is open to fully vaccinated US travelers or those that present a negative COVID-19 test – opa!

These are just a few of our current hot spots, but travel is booking up fast! If you are ready to get back out there, don’t wait to start planning. Click here to get the ball rolling!

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